Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex in the City the Movie or is it Snore in the City

Last night all over America, women gathered to celebrate the return of the four well known best girlfriends from NYC. See it here.

The SouthPark CineMark even had door prizes to reward the audience of cheering and happy women. There were not many men but this movie is not about them. It's about making a lot of money for people who already have plenty by squeezing every remnants of fun from the HBO original serie which was fabulous.

The NYC scenes were not eye catching and the story was predictable. The original serie had a lot of quick, funny and sharp lines. This movie is just a pale version of one of their more mediocre episode except that it is blown up on the big screen and last for over two hours.

I would have liked to see more plot, less Sarah Jessica Parker's attempt at being in spite of her small, petite frame a high fashion model and more of Kim Cattrall's spunk.

My girlfriends loved the movie, "a good bit of fluff." Is what Rebecca called it. I can't argue with that assessment so if you want to waste two hours and $8.75 run to see it otherwise go to your neighborhood vedeo store and rent the original.

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