Sunday, June 1, 2008

Flirting can be easy...really Virginia!

How about wearing a t-shirt that breaks the ice?

This t-shirt says support your local library, check me out.

I like that idea even though I cringed at some of the words that one can see parading on some people's back. However Single Tease, promoting the t-shirts that put you at ease may really have hit on a cute and nonthreatening way to let that handsome man know that you are available without looking like a desperado.

They also have t-shirts for men but maybe some of the more macho guy would feel a bit too metrosexual to wear one? I'll have to ask around what men think about it.

The last time that I was in Montreal, I noticed how accepted it was for people not to be married and to have or not a relationship. My sister Cathy who is in her thirties, always say to me when we talk about relationships, "Danielle, c'est pas pour la vie." Which means it is not for ever.

This in spite of having a great relationship with Alexandre, a really nice young man, who is at least 10 years her junior and quite in love with her.

Maybe Quebecoises are just more stoic about relationships, getting marry is not a goal and with the laws protecting children and their welfare ; fathers and mothers are required to support their offspring.

The Canadian Government has established $7.00 per day daycare centers which are registered and professionally staffed. This encourage both parents to work and contribute to raising the children regardless of their status.

Maybe what allows the women in my family not to rush into unsuitable unions, is financial independence and laws protecting children's rights. We also have close family ties and if one of us needs help, there is always someone who will lend a hand.

My sisters have a very positive attitude towards their children, they love them and as such would not bring into their home unsuitable partners. I think that if a woman has a strong support system she can raise a happy child without the benefit of matrimony which allows her the freedom to only stay in relationships which are healthy.


John Ettorre said...

The term "metrosexual" seems to be in the zeitgeist these days, doesn't it?

Jeanne said...

I think it is use maybe to often...but it does describe a certain attitude.

John so nice to see you stop by, I was away on a business trip in Michigan.

Can't wait to see you dear John.

John Ettorre said...

Me too, girl. Did you find any root causes in Michigan?

Jeanne said...

Michigan is beautiful, I was staying in a small town which was lovely. I did find a great hotel with a Marina.

Business trips don't have to be stressed, I believe that "Root Cause" was found :D

Thanks for asking,

John Ettorre said...

Now that's comforting to know.

John Ettorre said...

Now that's comforting to know.

Anonymous said...

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