Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Small Changes and micro-economics

I have had to cut my expenses because like everyone else, I noticed that between my gas bill and grocery trips my money just doesn't stretch as far as I need it. One of the first casualty has been my book budget, I no longer buy books and instead go to the library. I know that it is saving me about $100.00 per month but I sure miss the new books that I must now wait to read. I also cut way back on my TV cable offerings, I only kept my internet connection and basic cable and I hardly notice the switch, it was painless.

I limited my selection of plants and flowers for my landscaping projects this year and I think that by being more selective, I chose better. I'm actually enjoying adding plants a little at a time and waiting for what I want until the price is right. The planning and anticipation is enticing and the final selection definitely satisfying.

All my meals are home made except for an occasional stepping out which is usually shared with friends and becomes a festive occasion rather than a scheduled non-event. I have decided to keep my six year old car as long as possible, it makes me feel "green" and it is paid for so even more valuable to me than Kelley Blue Book estimates.

I still drink great wine, I can't compromise on that subject, so these days I'm drinking Oregon's Pinot Noir and I find the quality excellent. I also won't compromise on my hair, I still spend too much money on my stylist but she is a professional and in Rocky River, one must pay for talent.

This week-end I am planning to clean up years of photo albums, I am planning to send all those memories to my sons who live out of states after all it is time for them to carry their own past.

Meanwhile I am adapting and change is so good for one's brains once you stop hitting your head against the wall and realize that it was all self inflicted pain.

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