Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I just don't trust Obama

Dust is settling on the Democratic Primary season, Hillary has withdrawn from the Presidential race and now it is time for the Obama camp to re-evaluate their strategy. Ordinary people have suffered many set backs under GWB and Cheney's reign but yet in Ohio, one of the most segregated state of the union, many ordinary folks are considering casting their vote for McCain because they say that they do not trust Senator Obama.

I am trying to be open minded and respect their position but the sheer narrow mindless grates on me. I have lived long and hard and have lived under many forms of government in various countries. I see working Americans, these people who all work so hard compared to other industrialized nations letting their prejudices keep them prisoners of a system that favors the true elite which is not among the ranks of the educated but among the ranks of the super rich.

Today our Congress voted down a Bill which would have re-captured 17 Billion dollars of tax payers money from the Oil companies, under a special windfall provision.

Under John McCain, we can be assure that the Bush doctrine will continue. There is a lot of talk about Obama's lack of experience but do you really like the wide experience that McCain has?
What has he done for you?

The incredible positive energy which Obama is projecting is a big threat to politics as usual. I think he would not listen to the Christian right, I think that he would upheld division or state and religion, I think that global competition would be on his mind when discussing education. I think the possibilities for lifting us out of this economic down turn is exceptionally strong.

McCain with his wealthy wife, quick temper and flip flopping personality is the one that should not be trusted. Where does his interest lie?

My neighbor Peg said that she would not vote for Obama because in spite of being a wonderful human being and a lifelong Democrat, she "just does not trust him."

I feel the same about McCain and the Republican party. They are not reliable, it is the party that brought us to invade a country which represented no danger to us, it is the party that brought us international shame by letting its own American citizens wade through the Katrina's devastation without assistance. Lots of money, our money went to Katrina's contractors who were supposed to help and did not.

Part of me, the Canadian born part says let them choose the object of their own destruction, let them choose racial prejudice over common sense but the US citizen part of me says, no. We are better than that, our fears can be tame, we can grow all together. Race is economics, it is about being poor and uneducated, it is about choosing to vote for someone who represent the divide that is crippling us rather than giving union a chance.


Connie said...

Interesting. I'm an "ordinary American" with ordinary American friends and family. None of us have seen setbacks. We're all doing just fine. The last setback for us was in 1996 during the Clinton years when my husband's company downsized and he lost his job. In 2001, he found a great job and we've been doing quite well since. My son is a COO, one daughter is in middle management, one is self-employed in real estate (of all things) and doing exceedingly well.

Jeanne said...


I think it is fortunate that your family and friends are doing so well. As they say in MN, "good for you."

I have done well enough but if I look at the stats I can see that others have not, when you think that over 300,000 people lost good paying jobs in OH alone, it is hard to igore. But dear Connie, that's just me.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. That was so sweet.

Anonymous said...

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