Thursday, May 29, 2008

Did I tell you I got a new job?

I know that NE Ohio's economy is in the toilet but I came here because of a job offer and since I have been here, I have had many calls from headhunters trying to lure me to talk to their clients. It is flattering as can be but I'm confuse, why are they calling me?

I'm a fifty something woman with no connection to anyone and a pretty healthy ego and yet I get these tempting offers. So I thought about it and I think it has to do with my resume. It sounds so good that I'd hire me!

I once wrote a resume for one of those Basement Boys, well you know the type, good looking and so sexy and charming but totally without marketable skills and got him a job at GE. His previous experience had been pushing a broom at a defunct battery shop. He actually lived in my basement and when he lost his job at the battery shop and his car was repo, I stepped in to get him another job. I eventually had to ask him to leave but he did live in my basement for 18 months. We were never lovers but I must admit that he was a tempting morsel and I thank my stars that it never happened.

On Tuesday , one of these headhunters asked me to apply for a job in Willoughby and I answered back that I have my own corporate credit card, lap top and office and make a pretty good salary and have full benefits and 3 weeks vacation so what does this company have to offer?

It really felt good to say that because I came here and for five years worked in Hell. Finally, last February, I applied for a new job and got it. My new boss is an extraordinary guy. He has no bedside manner, just imagine a physician that tells you straight out that you only have 6 months to live and tells you to make your arrangements and then walks out of the room.

Well, that's my boss. No cuddling and no mix messages, he and I do not always agree but I am impressed by his knowledge so I listen and am learning. I finally have gotten away from customer service which I miss in some way because I genuinely enjoyed helping people however it is like being Marines and after a while, you become numb from people hitting on you because you can't deliver the goods.

But now I am some kind of investigator, almost like a private eye. I have become a Root Cause Analyst and that is a hot job. My work is to analyze why errors happen, it is somehow related to quality but it is more hands on, I track processes and finds what is the cause of errors. Since I am someone who has graduated in making big mistakes, I have a natural advantage. Unfortunately finding mistakes does not make you the most popular person around even if you are very nice in delivering the bad news.

I just hope that by year end they notice that their fat bonus check is partially do to my efforts in improvement.

The key to get a job is also to get into an area where your skills are valuable. I have written many resume for friends and family members and they always get an interview and many got the job. But you can't lie, you have to work with your strengths and keep it interesting. No one is going to call you if it is boring to read. So if you can't get to the last word without your eyes wondering, scrap it and try again.

I'm sure you can do it! If you feel you need help, let me know maybe I can help.

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