Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weight Watchers

My clothes noticed that I gained a lot of weight since arriving in Ohio and after taking my own good time to do something about it, I am finally committed to do something.

So about three weeks ago, I convinced my sweet neighbor Pauline to come with me to Weight Watchers. This was a very painful decision because I'm such a snob and let's not forget that French women don't get fat...

Well it really is not as bad as I thought, actually it is pretty easy if you switch off your prejudices and agree to think of food as delicious, healthy and lean. I still drink red wine and have cheese but everything is balance. I love eating fresh fruits and vegetables but I miss chocolate so I bought these Vita Brownies and they are pretty good and only worth 1 point.

It is interesting to make a commitment to check and balance, it makes me feel responsible and all grown up...maybe it is time.


Anonymous said...

I feel you Danielle.

I'm on a ("please make it stop") exercise program myself.

I think you've chosen the harder course though. Gotta have chocolate.

Jeanne said...


Chocolate is not easy to give up! So I am planning to add Spinning to my routine and then maybe I can have a small and tasty bit.

Thanks for stopping by,

Anonymous said...

Je t'encourage à continuer, on se sent tellement mieux quand on mange de façon équilibré.

Ciao !


Anonymous said...

good one.... thanks for sharing....

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