Monday, May 26, 2008

Islam is not for everybody only for the few

I just finished reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali's autobiography Infidel. You can judge for yourself what you think about her metamorphose from devout Muslim to political activist intent on denouncing the abuse of women and children under the guise of religion. It is an extraordinary story, but Islam is not the only religion which views women as evil and willful who must be controlled even if they must be beaten, mutilated and kept in compounds where their male relatives can trade them in as breathing mares taking away their pride and minds.

I agree with Salman Rushdie that change must come from within and that Islam will never be modernized by outsiders it will have to come from within the ranks of its followers. When Muslim women find their voices and start educating their daughters and sons to think outside the box, we might see some progress towards a modern society.

We can and should give assistance to any Muslim woman who wants to escape the tyranny of living under such an oppressive regime and come to America as a political refugee.

"Charity starts at home" and because of this very good adage, I suggest that we insist on zero tolerance for fundamentalist groups and religious education which is sponsor in anyway by the tax payers money. Education is a deterrent to emancipation. I think it is important to have a religious education but it should be given to adults within a historical context and never to children as anything but fairy tales.

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