Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Enfant Terrible- Tim Russo

The Free Times 's writer James Renner did a detailed article about Tim Russo, a pretty well-known blogger with a past. Tim's new blog, "Blogger Interrupted" disclosed much of what Renner's described here.

Tim has been outed so many times that one would think that by now everyone would have had enough details to let it all settled but solicitation for sex with a minor is such a politically and socially damnable charge that hope for forgiveness seems to be unattainable. I do not think of Tim as some kind of pervert because I know him. I also know that people under stress and unhappy will find escape in whatever is convenient. Some will use drugs, porn and sex to fill the emptiness, I too went in chat rooms and experienced the thrill of being whoever someone wanted me to be. It was a fantasy time, a way to forget about an unhappy marriage.

When I expressed guilt about it, my girlfriend said: "it is not real, think of it as reading a book except that you are writing your own script."

Of course I was chatting with grown ups but how do you really know? You can be any age , sex, or race. Tim may have been snared as he said and he did show poor judgment. I am convinced that he has paid a very big price for his mistake.

If he would go away, it would so much easier for people to forgive him or if he was less belligerent or less intelligent. But Tim is sharp. I actually was there when he asked a Republican candidate the abortion question. As it said in the Free Press:

"When he interviews Republicans he'll ask up front, "Is abortion murder?' And he'll get them to say, "Yes.' Later, he'll come back to this and ask them what sort of penalties they would recommend for women who have abortions. Would the sentence be like a traffic ticket or could they be executed, like other murderers? Then, he'll sit there and watch the guy squirm."

Pure Russo! We all sat there speechless, it was brilliant.


derek said...

I didn't know all of that about Tim. I didn't really know what to say. I still don't.

Anonymous said...

Hi parent's neighbors may not have known all that about Tim either.

It seems strange and selfish that he found it necessary to alert the Free Times to his crime and the details of his Jr. High School Trysts. Why the details? Who cares? Why punish his parents one more time?

Why is this 40 something year old man whining about feeling different in Jr. High -- Who didn't?

rozydesouza said...

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