Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Second Coming

It was a rush to finally get out of my office last night in time to get home to watch Obama’s prime time commercial. I got home in time to warm up the tube by answering the last question on “Jeopardy” and then 30 minutes of uninterrupted bliss while I watched an infinitely well crafted dream, the dream that maybe Martin Luther King was talking about so long ago…

I am cynical by nature, culturally and historically Quebecois have the highest disregards for anything that smells of political manipulation. Although supportive of Obama, I did not know if I could stand sitting for 30 minutes listening to what I thought would be more of the same.

After all I did watch all the debates and have read as much as I could find about this unusual candidate. I did not expect to be sharing a moving television experience with millions of Americans but it was.

When the clip ended, I am not ashamed to say that I had a renewed hope for my adoptive land that maybe we could saved the world as we did with our allies in WWII by saving ourselves and re-creating a great society. I know that life has been getting harder in America in the last 8 years for the middle-class and the under class. The dark days of America have stained the lives of many other countries and we can not ignore the impact that our debacle has had on other nations, we are not standing alone. On 9/11 the World stood with us and we let that opportunity to establish a new world order slip through our fingers. Instead we became obsessed with revenge and with poor leadership invaded Iraq.

We now stand at the proverbial cross-road, we can let our fears and prejudices guide us to retreat to elect another Republican President or we can give our vote and support to a man who has a vision of what we can do to improve not only American lives but the lives of so many other people.

Voting for Obama gives me hope, it makes me feel engage in the rebuilding of our inner structures, maybe we can be part of the dream team which will get our country back on track.


Anonymous said...

President Obama's speech can be found at:

This very speech is what the world has been waiting for. This man, is the person the world has been waiting for. This is what the world needs.

Do not listen to words that are built on dreams. Do not listen to words that shall bring you down. Do not listen to anyone who shows you a yellow brick road.

Tomorrow is still unbuilt. Tomorrow is still ...


Anonymous said...

Je crois qu'enfin les Américains se donnent une chance de rétablir leur image qui fut drôlement amochée sous la présidence de Georges W.
L'économie américaine en a également pris un dur coup, et naturellement les répercussions se réflètent sur l'économie mondiale. Tout un défi qu'un nouveau président a à affronter, mais dans le fond il ne peut faire pire.
Il semble avoir de belles valeurs, quel charisme cet homme!!
Félicitations c'est un bon choix!
Ta tite soeur québecoise!

Jeanne said...

Docteur C

Yes and he will lead us!!! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment! It is all about shared conversation.

Jeanne said...


Je trouves tes commentaires absolument sur ma longeur d'honde. Je te dis que je suis heureuse des resultats!

Merci d'avoir visiter!

Anonymous said...

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